Our team

Samenda Bauer – Coach & Advisor

Enchanté! My name is Samenda, co-creator and owner of NoPooBoo. I am coach and writer on natural haircare.

Since March 2016 I have not been using shampoo and I have used different methods since then. Through the years I have read a lot of information about natural haircare and I applied this to my own routine. Later on I started advising others. I love to do this and that is why we created this platform!

Due to a lack of adequate information for my hairtype, my transition lasted 1,5 years; it took very long before I could enjoy natural hair. This could have made me give up, and that is a real shame – natural hair is fantastic. By sharing information and coaching others I hope to help other no’poo-ers avoid this and help them enjoy their hair.

Eventually, I started washing with only water and that was the best choice for me. My hair became curlier and brought me healthy, blonde curls with which I am happy every day.

Melissa Lange – Experience writer

I’m Melissa, co-creator and experience writer at NoPooBoo. I write about my experiences with natural haircare.

I have not been using shampoo since March 2017, after Samenda introduced it to me. I write about natural haircare to provide interested no’poo-ers with the right information. I share my tips and tricks with you to help you when you are stuck in your routine or want to start one. If you have any questions, you can always leave a message for me!