Natural Hair Care

What is ‘No Poo?

A lot of (new) followers of our website or Instagram page wonder what no’poo is. No ‘Poo is an abbreviation for ‘no shampoo’. This is one of the forms of natural haircare; haircare without chemicals, only natural resources.

Natural haircare is a wide range. There are different methods and every hairtype is different. Even we do not know every method. We can coach you on no ‘poo (thus alternative washing methods), water only washing and co-wash/curly girl method.

To get an overview, we divided natural haircare in 3 general categories.

Low ‘Poo

The low ‘poo method is a great step in the direction of full natural haircare. With this method you use shampoo, but shampoo that contains less chemicals (e.g. no SLES, SLS, silicones). This way, you do not damage your hair as much as you would with regular shampoo.

No ‘Poo

This method may sound the most familiar to you if you have researched natural haircare before. This method is the most used among natural haircare fans (no’poo-ers). Examples of no’poo washing products are:

  • Eggs;
  • Rye flour;
  • Soapnuts/soapberries;
  • Clay;

And many more options!

Water Only

The third category is the water only method.

As the name says, with this method you only wash your hair with… Water! By not disturbing the scalp’s natural cycle and only rinsing out the dirt and excessive oil, this method is the most feared but natural method. Water-only washers swear by this method.

For new followers these methods can raise 1000 questions. We understand completely! That is what this platform is for. Explore all possibilities and answers with us.