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Hi friends,

Today I have another article regarding knowing your hair type πŸ™‚

I can talk hours and hours on hair types and all the information around it, so it sometimes is hard to put it in articles/categories. Though, this one will be about hair elasticity and the need for either protein or hydration. Elasticity is a very important message your hair gives you, it tells you the state of your hair and what it needs.

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How do you test your hair elasticity?
It’s very simple. You might know this from the top of your head since you handle your hair every day. But here’s the test;

Stretch a hair. On wet hair it stretches more, so you might want to take the test on wet hair.

  • If your hair stretches and then shrinks back to the original state, that means your hair has normal elasticity.
  • If your hair breaks immediately while trying to stretch it has low elasticity.
  • If your hair stretches, then does not go back to the original state and finally breaks, your hair has high elasticity.

What do I do with my elasticity?
As aforementioned, elasticity tells you an important message. As said, wet hair stretches better. Thus, hydration causes elasticity (simple thinking). has written an article on the information behind this, if you are interested in knowing this knowledge, click here.

There is a simple system you can follow in order to encompass elasticity in your hair routine.

Low elasticity = hydration
If you have hair with low elasticity you might find your benefit using more products/natural resources that hydrate your hair. This will help your hair get more elastic and prevent it from breakage. Try using gels and (protein free!) leave-ins.

For example, I really benefit from my Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture and keeps it longer in the hair.

Normal elasticity = balance
Yay, your hair has a healthy elasticity! The important message for you is to keep it up and to maintain the balance of protein and hydration in your hair. Your products/natural resources in your hair routine probably fit your hair well.

High elasticity = protein
If your hair is highly elastic, you might benefit from including more protein in your routine. If your hair is too elastic, you can lower it by giving the hair protein. For instance, try masks using eggs, yogurt, banana and/or avocado. If you use products, you can look for more protein rich products.

I hope this helps for you! Did you know about this? How is your elasticity? Let us know πŸ™‚

<3 Samenda

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