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How to make your hair smell good (all no poo types)

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The second thing people say, after “But how does water clean your hair?”, is “But isn’t it going to smell bad after a while?”. The answer to the last question is, no. At least, personally I don’t mind the smell of sebum but that’s everyone their personal opinion. I can understand that people want to make their hair smell nice when they consider going no poo/ water only. I started thinking about natural ways that are suitable for no poo as well water only users to make you hair smell good. 

Option one

DIY essential oil hair mist

  • Spray bottle
  • (Destilled) water
  • Your favorite essential oil(s)

Fill the spray bottle with destilled water (1/4). You can also use regular tap water but I’m using destilled water to avoid calcium build up (read about it in my other article). Add around 10 drops of essential oils to the water and shake gently (add the essential oils to your preference).

You can use the mist on damp hair after your hair wash (don’t rinse).

You can use the mist to refresh the smell of your hair between the washes.


Shake the bottle gently before using since the water and oils seperate when your not using it:)

Option two

Rose water

Put some rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair.

Option three

Add essential oils to your DIY dry shampoo.

Make sure you aren’t adding too much essential oils, you don’t want to make the powder fluid;)

The next two options are not my personal favorites and wouldn’t choose them in the first place because I like to stay as natural as possible, but I want to inform you on other things you can try. Maybe you’ll like them and that’s totally okay if it fits in your routine!

Option four

DIY and silicone-free styling

The main ingredient you want to avoid is silicone. This one of the few things you can’t remove with water is silicone. Also, silicones don’t really help taking care of your hair, it’s just a temporary effect until it makes your hair greasy. Sulfate strips your natural oils, so also try to avoid that. Put some time in researching the ingredients of the products before putting it in your hair! 

Try making your own styling products – you’ll be sure about the origin of the ingredients!


Option five


Personally I wouldn’t recommend using perfume, since it contains alcohol, which can dry out your hair. Especially when your using it for a longer time. But if you want to keep your options open, you can keep this in mind. It lasts longer than essential oils and the smell of essential oils may not even come close to the smell of your favorite perfume. 


Do you have more ideas to adds? Or do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page or Instagram!:)