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Welcome back! This post is a bit delayed, but hey… We’re still learning 😉

In this post I will tell you about my curl-panacea; my go to recipe that nourishes and moisturises my curls when they are dry, gives them an extra boost and basically fixes everything – as the name suggests.

As described in my post about hair porosity hair porosity plays a big role in hair care. For me, it is medium to low porosity. This means I really need to penetrate to moisture my hair, which makes that leave-ins work great for me (for high-porosity a leave-in will quickly be too much, rather small amounts regularly).

In my post about my routine for styling curls after rinsing I explained a bit more about using a gel to style the volume, natural curliness and to lock it. In this post I will tell you about another gel that serves as a moisturiser/leave-in rather than a styler. You will see that the ingredients are thus slightly different.

For this wonderful product you need aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is seriously a wonderful plant nature gives us and hair loovvveeessss it. I have a plant at home, but that does not meet the demand I need ;). I always go to EkoPlaza, a store in Holland that sells anything organic. I buy a big aloe vera leaf and at home I acquire the gel from the leaf. I mostly put half of it in a small container and put it in the freezer, so that I can use it next time. Experience how much you need for one mixture, it goes bad after approximately a week. So freeze the rest.

Then you’re left with a chunk of aloe vera gel. To make it more gel like, put it in a blender. It will be a bit foamy at start, but when you put it to rest that vanishes. For instance in the fridge.

When you’re left with the all ready aloe vera gel, we’re ready to add the rest. The next ingredient is glycerine. As also explained in the post about porosity, for low/medium porosity a humectant is very important. Glycerine is great one.

I just add about 2 tablespoons of glycerine to the mixture – that’s gel of half a big leaf of aloe vera, so probably 1/10 of glycerine. Then blend it again.

Then finally, you can add some distilled water. For me personally, I do this to make it more liquid. For me it is then easier to apply as a moisturiser in the ends rather than a gel that you need to ‘knead’. I hope that makes sense for you reading this. If you make it really liquid, you can even spray it (when blended well).

Blend it and put it in a container (spray or pump, depends on the substance). You’re done! Store it in the fridge, it will be good for about a week. When added more water, it probably goes less long. But it is up to you to explore!

I hope this works as wonderful for you as for me!

<3 Samenda

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