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My routine for styling curls

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Styling curls can be hard when you don’t use chemical styling products anymore or want to stop using them. In this article I will tell you how I style my curls to feed them and keep them in curl.

First off, I would like to clarify how I clean my hair (might be superfluously for you, but for newcomers!). I am a Water Only washer and thus I clean out excessive oils and dirt with water. This has resulted in curly hair – I did not use to have curls. My hair is rougher and thicker due to this method and thus I might have different structured hair as you as reader would when washing differently. Please note that. In any way, we are always here for you to advice you personally or to receive your experiences/stories. I hope my routine might be helpful for some!

I rinse my hair quite often, when my curls have lost its structure or when I want to rinse out oils/dirt. This is essential; I start the routine with wet hair. 

After a cold rinse (!) my hair is rough and tangled because of the water. I like to dry my hair for the most part with a microfiber towel – this is good to prevent frizz and get your hair a little more dry (especially at the top, that always takes ages with me).

I comb it out with my fingers and it is also possible to brush with your boar bristle brush. When having detangled, my hair is more straight than curly and thus I have to bring the curls back to life 😉

I first spray distilled water on my ends. As said I have dried my hair for a bit, but I want to get my curls/ends wet to let them curl up. Then I get my aloe vera gel and put it in my hair, squishing it so that I curl up my curls towards my scalp. Then I notice my curls forming and notice some structure. When I am happy with that result, I get my flaxseed gel. This ‘sets’ the style in place > it gets hard after air drying. Optional is to put a tiiiiiny amount of oil on your hands and ‘rub’ out the hard gel to create soft texture.

Then I am very cautious with my hair to not destroy any of the curls and let it air dry. Tadaaa! Defined and nourished curls. 

This lasts longer one time than the other, and when I feel my hair needs another styling, I just quickly rinse and do the same thing! Easy, huh?


Let me know if you would like any elaboration on this or advice. You can always contact us here

<3 Samenda

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