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Oh friends… I don’t even know where to start. I can not stress enough how amazingly natural hair care has changed my life. And no, that is not an exaggeration. 

When I say it has changed my life, I mean that on many levels. And in this post I would like to walk you through them. I hope you get extra motivation out of it if you need some, or that you maybe find the reason to start!


One of the main changes in my hair must be the texture. As you can see on my transition blog or transformation instagram post, the texture of my hair changed. I used to have this 50% wavy, 50% straight hair. It was the most annoying texture to work with; not any product could maintain the frizz.

When I started natural hair care, my curls were not ‘held back’ by all the chemicals anymore. I really feel like e.g. silicones hold down curls and thus I can strongly advice natural hair care to any curlygirl or half curlygirl 😉

I am really proud of my curls and I am really grateful they came out as well as they did.


Time is also a good reason to start no’poo. Especially times when your hair needs to be good for special occasions. You know that annoying pattern your hair seems to be performing – good hair days never adds up with important appointments… Been there done that!

Let me tell you… When  you have found your natural hair routine you will not have bad hair days anymore. At least, not as the ones you are used to.

The bad hair days in natural hair care consist of less-structured-hairday or an oily-scalpday. So no greasiness (fry an egg on your head style) or stink. There really is a difference.

You will save a lot of time since you are washing a lot less frequent than shampoo washing. Sure, you have to invest time to get to know your hair and its needs, but that investment will come back. The washing takes some time too; but it lasts fresh longer than a shampoo wash. 


And then money… 

If you calculate it, hair care is expensive. It of course depends on how much products you use, but still. The money I save on shampoo, gels, mousses, sprays that eventually damage my hair – it feels good to have it in my pocket!!

Say you wash twice a week. Your shampoo bottle might last a month for this routine (considering my long hair). I used to wash it twice, in order to get squeaky clean (ew!). A bottle might cost around €10,-. Conditioner same thing – and add up al styling products. You easily spend €25,- a month. That is €300,- a year! That means I saved €900,- throughout my journey. 

And I save this money to go out to my fave restaurant some time 😉

Can you imagine how great it feels when you have to pack your stuff for a holiday and that you do not have to pack any haircare products? It saves space and thus money.

(Plastic) Waste

Finally, (plastic) waste. For me personally this was not a reason to start. But, since (plastic) waste is a contemporary issue, I can see why people would start no’poo regarding decreasing waste.

  • You do not buy plastic bottles the products are packed in.
  • You pour less chemicals down the drain

These are my main advantages of natural hair care! I would like to stress these are my experiences. They can be different for you as a person or different for your method (I water wash only). 

I sure hope this may have inspired you or gave an insight into my no’poo experiences. If you need any help, advice or would like to exchange experiences – contact us




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