Why brushing is very important for natural haircare

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Hi friends! In this post some information about brushing your hair and why it is SO important in natural haircare!

As you could have seen in our giveaway Melissa and I both use a boar bristle brush (or a synthetic one). What is so special about these brushes and why should you have one??

A boar bristle brush is a brush made of boar bristles (duh….). Melissa has one, I have a synthetic one. They both have the same type of bristles, close to each other – so not a regular brush!


You may consider either boar or synthetic with different hair types.

When you have thin and fine hair, you may consider a boar bristle brush. These bristles are thinner and therefore perfect for this hairtype.

When you have thick hair, you might want to buy a synthetic one. These bristles are thicker and can therefore detangle easier. 

The brushing is so important because it distributes oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Your scalp is really good at taking care of your hair itself, which is why you did go natural with your hair, but (especially long hair) it needs some extra help spreading the oils. These brushes are especially made to take those oils to the ends and to close the cuticles. Closed cuticles means… more shine! 😀

I discovered the importance of brushing way too late in my no’poo journey. As you might know, we started this blog to provide you information I wish I had in an earlier stage of my journey in order to enjoy it sooner!

If you have straight hair, you might brush all your life already. But for the curlygirls amongst us, there’s a difficulty brushing. Because 1, it tears our curls apart and 2, frizz.

But believe me, it really is important in order to achieve that shiny, healthy look to your beautiful hair.

If  brushing is not an option, for instance curls you can not brush in any way, try scritching and preening. More information about that in a later post! Please contact us with questions about this method.

Try brushing every day if that’s suitable for your hair, and otherwise do it before sleeping or washing. I spray distilled water on it afterwards in order for my curls to curl up again. 


It’s totally up to you! What works best for you? Let us know!

<3 Samenda

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