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In this post I want to inform you what I did with ACV and why I quit using it.

What are the benefits of using ACV in your hair?

ACV is good for so many reasons! It kept my hair smooth, untangled and shiny. Other reasons to start using ACV:

  • ACV is antimicrobial and anti-fungal.
  • ACV balances the pH of your skin and also your scalp.
  • ACV helps to close your hair cuticle (read about hair cuticles in Samenda’s recent post).
  • ACV adds shine to your hair.
  • ACv is a great hair detangler.
On our Instagram I posted a post about I used ACV. I’ve been using it as a conditioner for a long time. It really helped my hair to look good and shiny. What I did notice was my hair looking greasy on my scalp. Ever since I noticed it, I only used ACV for my hair lenghts.
But why did I quit using ACV?

ACV is good for a lot of things, including a natural toner for you face and cleaner for you house. I also want to tell you that it lightens your hair naturally. I really like my hair dark, so I had to stop using it. I tried dyeing it darker with tea, but that didn’t really help. So all I’m doing now is replacing my ACV hair treatment with the honey rinse Samenda posted. And once a month or so I use a gelatin mask.

I do miss ACV and if you don’t mind that it lightens your hair, I really would recommend using ACV. It has so many benefits!




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