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DIY Dry shampoo

Melissa Lange
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Don’t we all have a day where you just can’t find enough time to wash your hair properly? No worries, this quick dry shampoo got your back. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to make and it doesn’t contain a load of chemicals.

What do you need?:
• cornstarch
• (cocoa powder can be added based on how dark your hair is, but I personally don’t use it because I don’t use that much cornstarch to make my hair look white or grayish)

That’s actually all you need. Just mix your ingredients and sprinkle it on the places on your scalp where you need it and rub it in gently. Your scalp is now less greasy and you’ll notice more volume in your hair! And yes, you can wash this out with water only. Little side note: don’t use this on a daily base because you don’t want to take all the natural oils away from your scalp, that’s why you’re no poo right;)

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