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Rice water hair rinse

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The benefits of rice water, according to Mamta from the blog Alluring Soul:

  • You can also expect to have stronger, smoother and healthier hair. It contains inositol, a carbohydrate that helps repair and strengthens damaged hair.
  • Rice water has high protein content which could keep the split ends away.
  • Rice water contains vitamins like Vitamin B, C, and E and amino acids which can help in hair regeneration. Hair shedding may also be decreased.
  • Rice water is rich with amino acids. It will add shine to the hair because it works on leaving it silky smooth. It also contains thiamine is also known as vitamin B1, which helps reverse hair loss by relieving stress and gives your hair strength and bounce.
  • It helps with the elasticity of hair. This makes de-tangling and brushing hair easier. With less breakage, long or curly hair will absolutely love it.
  • Itchy dandruff would be taken away because of ongoing use of fermented rice water. Rice water contains seleniummineral which destroys Malassezia, the yeast responsible for dandruff. Killing off the yeast can help hair to grow healthy and thick. It saves you the discomfort of an annoying or scratchy scalp.
  • Besides the hair benefits, rice water may also offer you quite a few skin wonders. You can use it as moisturizer and ointment to the cool-down inflamed skin. It leaves the skin radiant, smooth and soft.

I actually got this tip from a follower on our Instagram: she recommended fermented rice water to me. After doing some research I decided to try it out. Here’s what I did:

1 cup of organic white rice
2 cups of water 

Rinse the rice in cold/hand-warm water shortly. Then pour the rice in a pan or bowl and add two cups of water. Stir it with a spoon or with your hands to make sure the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants loosen up into the water (the only part you’re gonna use for your hair). Put the water with the rice in a bottle which you can close or cover up the jar/bowl. Let it soak overnight (I left it in the fridge for 24 hours). If you do not plan to use it right away you can refrigerate for a day or two. Rinse your hair as usual and pour the rice water over your hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes, time may vary. Some people use it for twenty minutes, other say two hours and there are even people who leave it in overnight. Since my hair is not damaged or whatsoever and looks greasy very easily, I decided to leave it in for 20 minutes. If you have longer hair, use a separate cup and place the ends of your hair directly in the rice water. You can capture the rice water in the cup as you pour the water from the bottle over your hair for complete coverage and to use it again (only the same day ofcourse). Rinse hair with warm water and let it air dry. 

Fermented rice water

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