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the beginning of my No 'Poo journey

6 March 2016

So… This was me before my No ‘Poo journey. Yes I’m very young and yes I was probably very angry ;).

As you can see my hair was half straight, half curly. It was very frizzy and not easy to cope with. 

18 February 2017

As you can see in this picture my hair started to curl up better after nearly a year. I washed Low ‘Poo here. It was thicker, curlier and healthier. Though, you see my hair is still frizzy and poorly defined. 

7 June 2017

Here I started washing with baking soda and ACV. As you can see, ditching the ‘Poo completely was a good choice. My curls were much more defined and the texture was thicker and rougher. But again, you can see frizzy and dry curls. 

Then, here are two photos of me before and after my haircut. As you can see my hair has grown exceedingly in the past months. That is why I chose to chop off quite a bit :).

I had just started water only washing here. As you can see, my curls were really happy with it. The frizz and dryness have decreased. And that is, ladies, what shampoo, or rather anything but water, does to your hair… See how happy hair gets with only water washing. 

And last but not least; the present! This is what my hair currently looks like. No filters used.

As you can see in this picture, and in all pictures of my hair on the website/Instagram, my hair is healthy. It took some time for me to get to know the needs of my hair and ‘read’ the ‘moodswings’ of my hair ;), but here we are!

That recaps my transition!

I hope you got a good insight on how I got to the point where I am now.

As you have read, it was a long journey for me. Please note that this does not have to be the case for you (I do not want to scare you off). Gather the right advices, information and tips in order to get to know your hair well.

Thank you for reading my journey, nopooboo’s <3

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